A new approach

Running my own roofing company has it’s challenges. Here in Naples Florida the clientele is diverse but for the most part upscale. http://www.naplesroofingpros.com/.

The challenge is that they all want a cheap price on the most expensive material. I always want to make a customer happy but I can’t justify cutting my bottom line because they don’t want to spend money.

I get it though. You have money because you are thrifty with it. It is one of the wealthy crowds biggest secret method. They leverage their assets in a way that shows in ways that matter.

In a way we have two crowds. Those who have little money but spend it all and those who have a lot of money and spend little. Or at least spend it in ways that has a return and or lesser pain. I guess they wealthy because they can think that way.

I am just a business owner who wants to provide a service so that i can pay my employees.

So at the end of the day we all need to remember there is a common balance here. If you undersell yourself all the time you will be left with an empty vision for your future.

Stay true to yourself and reap the rewards.

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